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Ania has a very special gift of educating you about nutrition in a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed but excited and motivated.  Her recipes are simple and delicious and her time spent with you is well worth any investment.  She is readily available and made it a very simple understanding process in what can sometimes feel very overwhelming.   My family loves what I prepare for them and they have also taken interest in making smarter choices when it comes to nutrition.  I am excited for my next session with Ania and look forward to her next bootcamp! ~ Helen Leisengang, Rye, NY


Ania’s workshops are amazing! I have been to a few and read many books on clean eating and healthy lifestyles. Ania covers all of that but also focuses on anti aging and longevity. Our entire family loves her food – no joke. Its delicious and her advice is easy to follow. We all feel so much better! Thank you Ania!
If you could do a kids cook book or food blog that would be great!!! ~ Allison McCarthy, Rye, NY


For anyone who hasn’t tried one of these workshops you 100% should. Ania is full of thoughtful and insightful information about your food and how you prepare it and even where to buy it. She gives so many practical suggestions in a brief window with great variety and it all tastes amazing. She is truly an incredible cook, wise health coach and the whole experience is really fun. I look forward to attending another one! ~Cali Gibbs, Rye, NY


Just got back from Ania’s Clean Family Dinners bootcamp. Wow!!!! Can’t believe how much we made, how much we learned, and how much I personally ate!! I’m actually excited to be in my kitchen now to see what I can produce. And PS, it was SO much more than just dinner – snacks, smoothies, breakfast ideas – would highly recommend it. Thank you Ania ~Linda T., Rye, NY


I went to one of Ania’s workshops recently and was floored. I learned so much about clean, healthy ingredients that I could be using to replace some of the horribly processed ones that are out there. And she’s figured out how to use them all and still make her recipes delicious. She has so many smart tricks, info and recipes. I highly recommend her workshops! ~ Sonia Hounsell, Rye, NY


Thank you for the Clean Eating Bootcamp today Ania! Everything was delicious and I can’t wait to try the recipes at home. For anyone who hasn’t tried one of Ania’s Bootcamps I thoroughly recommend them. Clean eating is nutritious, healthy, easy to prepare and above all tasty 🙂 ~ Jo Bryan, Rye, NY


I thoroughly enjoyed my Healthy Eating Bootcamp session with the lovely Ania Dunlop. She provided loads of information about how to make super healthy dishes that are simple to make and so delicious. The  best news was that when I tried out the recipes at home, everything I made was quickly devoured!  I first made the kale chips, and an entire packet of kale disappeared within minutes!!  I now have her handout with recipes on hand whenever I want to prepare something healthy and delicious!! ! Thanks, Ania!!! ~ Ann Parkin de Magalhaes, Rye, NY


Ania has a wealth of knowledge on healthy and delicious eating. I came away from the workshop feeling inspired by many great ideas for better ingredient choices. I got to try many of them in her beautiful, comfortable kitchen. I’d really recommend Ania’s workshops to anyone who is looking for guidance in healthy eating, or for more inspiration for cooking. Thank you Ania. I will be back! ~Amelia Rahaman, Rye, NY


I prefer to do my own cooking for my family (over take-out, restaurants, etc.), yet pressed for time raising my three young kids, I never seemed to find a moment to find new recipes that would be healthy, quick and appealing for my little ones. Ania’s workshop for kids was exactly what I needed to carve out the time to learn from an expert who had already figured it out. Moreover, the intimate setting with 6 other interested moms created an ideal venue to share personal tips on cooking, ingredients and nutrition. I walked away fully armed with new, healthy meal idea for my kids, and a refreshing revision to my grocery list. Thank you, Ania! ~ Jennifer DiMeo, Rye, NY